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Are weight loss exercises working for you?

I thought not. Discover how I lost weight without exercises.

I was 43 and looked 6 months pregnant. I had typical male middle age spread!

Why was I overweight?

I wasn't doing any weight loss exercises so was it lack of exercise to burn off the calories? Having a sedentary job and stopping serious sport some years ago, was my body reacting to lack of exercise and slowing metabolism? I ate little junk food and used restaurants infrequently.

But was it lack of exercise?

Possibly, but was this the whole answer? Did I just need to do some weight loss exercises and bingo, weight gone?
Thinking about what weight loss exercises I could do easily, I started jogging 3 times a week for 15 to 20 minutes, the absolute minimum exercise recommended. After several months of dedicated running, I came to these realizations.

  • Weight loss exercises weren't achieving weight loss. The main reason for the exercise was to remove my pregnant look which wasn't happening.

  • The weather. Fine in the summer months but winter was coming on and jogging on slippery footpaths in the rain didn't appeal.

  • Lack of time. It was becoming increasingly difficult to arrive home from work at a reasonable hour, go jogging before dark, shower and then have dinner.

  • Personal safety. Where I live the risk of assault is more of a danger than the risk of a heart attack.

  • Injury risk. The added jarring strain I was putting on joints was starting to be felt.

Weight loss exercises have got to be easier than this!

I decided to do some research. I trained as an accountant, not a health professional.

I visited a major book store. There was a huge amount of literature on weight loss. I ignored those advocating weight loss exercises for obvious reasons. I chose two small publications, one about calorie intake and the other to do with fats. I read the calorie counting booklet first as I had read that high calorie intake is one of the main causes of weight gain.

What did the calorie counter booklet tell me?

My calorie intake was less than desired. Yes, my calorie intake per day was less than the recommended amount of about 2100 calories.

I picked up the booklet on fats in the diet. I read some basic facts. I hit the jackpot. After some rough calculations based on the booklet information, I found I was consuming DOUBLE the a mount of fat I should be.

Was the answer to weight loss that simple? Were weight loss exercises a red herring? Surely not!

Applying simple logic to my new found knowledge I concluded the following;

  1. Weight loss exercises were producing a healthy fat body.
  2. There are good and bad fats. I was consuming too much bad fat.
  3. It's not how much you eat, it's how much fat you eat.
  4. Identifying where my fat intake was coming from was the key to weight loss.
  5. Calorie counting was a waste of time.
  6. There would need to be minimum lifestyle changes made to start making a difference.
  7. Metabolic rates, genes, etc were largely irrelevant; you need to eat fat to gain weight.
  8. The one basic rule for many common weight loss programs is cut down saturated fat intake.
  9. Become a fat counter. Notice that the overweight people around you are invariably feeding their problem.
  10. Drinking alcohol does not make you fat. It's the snacks that go with the drinking.

What did I want to achieve?

  • Weight loss

  • Minimum lifestyle changes to achieve the above.

How was this to be achieved without weight loss exercises?

  1. Simple, know two critical facts

    • Know the maximum allowable fat on a daily basis you should be consuming (see below)

    • Calculate how much you are consuming now and most importantly know where it is coming from

  2. Then

    • Reduce to the allowed level of fat intake by changing, eliminating or modifying the quantity of certain types of food you eat.

It's that simple!!!

Most people don't know the amount of fat in the food they are eating. Most processed foods have a degree of fat in them because fat makes food taste good. I was amazed at the quantity of fat in everyday foods such as thin plain biscuits (about 1.50g per biscuit). 3 biscuits for afternoon tea and I've eaten 10% of my total day's fat intake.

Here are the important facts!

  • 30-50g for most women and children

  • 40-60g for most men

  • 70g for teenagers and highly active adults

  • 80-100g for people involved in heavy physical work or athletes

How I applied this knowledge

Using the booklet as a guide, I monitored the foods I consumed throughout the day. Knowing already that I was eating twice the grams of fat I should have been, I had ample room to make adjustments. These are the steps I took.

I assumed any dairy products were high in fat. Milk, cream, ice cream, butter, fatty beef, cheese are all high in fat content, as are the foods made from them.

  • I chose low fat milk.

  • I chose "lite" processed foods. The huge increase in low fat "lite" foods at the supermarket is no accident as food manufacturers realize that millions of people are now beginning to understand why they are becoming overweight.

  • I chose "lite" margarine. Check out the fat content in your ordinary margarine. It is usually in the region of 87% fat. Yes you read correctly 87% fat. By choosing a "lite" brand my margarine's total fat content is 49%.

  • I chose fruit or vegetables for a snack instead of biscuits or cake.

  • I eliminated or reduced fatty snacks. An example is chocolate, almost pure fat.
    (Be careful of the amount of sugar you consume, type 2 diabetes is becoming the next big health problem in some parts of the population). More...

  • I ignored any fats found in unprocessed foods. Avocados for instance are high in monounsaturated fat but they are known to reduce cholesterol. Saturated fats are the dangerous fats.

I continued weight loss exercises so that I maintained consistency for the results I obtained. I bought an exercise walker that could be used at home that simulated jogging but eliminated the jarring. I maintained the same exercise program, 3 times a week, for 20 minutes. I believe the exercise I do on the machine requires less expended effort than when I was jogging.
(If you doubt my word on the minimal benefits of weight loss exercises, read what the experts are now saying). More...

My results

My first goal was to stop putting on weight, then start losing it. I aimed to lose one pound a month. As long as my weight was going in the right direction, down, I would be happy.

I doubled that figure without changing my weight loss exercises.

I am light framed. In other words I am not a large person. I am only telling you this so that my results are able to be compared with someone who is a lot heavier than myself and would never want to get down to the weight level I am at now.  My start weight was 68 kilograms or 150 pounds. I am now 60 kilograms or 132 pounds. This equates to a 12% drop in total body weight and between 32% and 50% drop in body fat (depending on which body fat calculation is used). This is fat that has been removed from mainly around my middle, therefore the change is significant. I can now look at my side profile in the mirror without flinching. I have maintained the weight loss for over 12 years now without increasing my minimal weight loss exercises. I am very happy with my results.

My (identical) twin brother has also followed my weight loss program because of the same weight problem. He doesn't do any weight loss exercises but has lost about the same amount of weight. He has observed that just one piece of cake or bun extra a day is enough to start increasing his weight.


This web site is aimed at people who are putting on weight even though they are active and eating a reasonable variety of healthy foods.

The key to my weight loss was calculating how much fat I was eating, not increasing weight loss exercises. This was done in two ways;

  • Reading the labels on food packaging, noting the fat content and either substituting a "lite" version or at least being aware of the amount of fat I was eating.

  • Using the booklet guide which lists different foods and their fat content.

Be realistic with expected results. Most people want an instant fix. It took me years to develop my problem, I expected to spend a little time fixing it.

I do not discuss nutrition in general. I am trained as an accountant, not a nutritionist. I am sure my diet is lacking in areas such as not enough fibre content. My aim was to reduce my middle age spread after finding that weight loss exercises didn't work.

I can hear sceptics now, "If it is that simple to lose weight, then why do we have the world wide obesity we have now?"

For several reasons already mentioned;

  • 99% of the population don't know how much fat they are allowed each day
  • 99% of the population don't know how much fat they are consuming each day
  • There is a lot of money to be made out of other people's misery; keep them confused by offering weight loss programs, pills, gym equipment for their weight loss exercises, diets and worst of all, surgery to solve their weight problem.

The weight loss challenge!

Here is my challenge. If you are overweight, by reducing your fat intake down to the correct daily level, you WILL lose weight without weight loss exercises!

If you believe you have a weight problem, first go to the Height to weight statistics page. If you are within the guidelines well done and you don't need to read any further.

If you are above the guidelines, purchase a copy of the booklet below so that you can start measuring your daily fat intake. Weigh yourself and record the result. (Note, always weigh yourself at the same time of the day to avoid measurement fluctuations).

Control your fat intake to the level required for your sex and age.

Weigh yourself regularly and watch the dial going backwards!



I am so confident that you will lose weight without using weight loss exercises, that after 60 days, if you haven't begun to lose weight, I will give you your money back for the booklet, no questions asked!

The booklet (ebook) has a comprehensive food list (68 pages of them). The booklet although short in text volume, (because the answer is very very simple), covers types of fats and their effects, fibre content in your diet etc and has been written by a nutritionist. For a copy of the booklet, click the Order Now button and you can download a copy, so no waiting. You can start applying what you know today!

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